How It Works


Stage 1: Data Gathering
The first step is learning about your company and what matters most to you. We use surveys, interviews and observation to determine where synergies and disconnects may exist between management’s vision and workforce adoption. This is a critical step in building trust, increasing acceptance in order to more quickly implement new strategies that will generate your desired result. In this stage we also identify individual communication styles to create the best outcome based on how each person receives and shares information.

Stage 2: Data Analysis
This is the scientific and analytical stage of our process which perhaps makes it the most robust. The gathered data is matched against several personality profiling methodologies and then compared to internal processes, such as job responsibilities, team development and growth opportunities.

Stage 3: Strategy Design and Recommendation
Using the results of our analysis, we design a strategy that utilizes your teams talents in the best possible way to achieve your desired outcome. We then share our recommendations with you and use your input and insights to fine tune a customized strategy.

Stage 4: Implementation and Support
In the same way your strategy is unique to your company, so is the implementation. Where we begin is determined by where the greatest need exists and by where the greatest impact can be made. We believe that support is a vital part of any successful implementation. Adaptation and adoption of new strategies can happen at different times for different people. We stay connected to help identify areas where further explanation, information or support is needed to help ensure at that the entire team reaches the success destination at the desired time.

Stage 5: Review Results
This is the fun part! We take a look at where we started, where we are now and identify ways in which we can make our strategies part of your sustainable business model that may require little or no additional services from EmFluent. If you ultimately choose to use our services to achieve another level of success, we are, of course, excited for the opportunity to continue working with you.