Who We Are

We are Workplace Behavior Experts and Certified Talent Optimization Consultants who use a combination of scientifically validated management solutions including groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) that integrates workforce analytics and human capital development for talent optimization, client engagement and internal communication. We are committed to reshaping the narrative about employee behavior in the workplace by helping leaders get discretionary effort from their employees. Once that is achieved, those employees can be moved from the liability side of the balance sheet into the asset column because they are truly an investment for the business and not an expense.

EmFluent has nearly 50 years of combined experience in Human Capital Management, Talent Optimization, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition, Training, Talent Management, Talent Development, and Sales Training.

The EmFluent team are trusted business advisors who provide the highest levels of applied experience, industry knowledge, expertise, and service. We engage with organizations for strategic planning sessions, talent optimization, leadership development, exit strategy sessions, succession planning, and strategic workforce planning.