How We Do It

Following a comprehensive interview, we use industry leading, scientifically validated personality profiling, predictive indicators and buying behavior analytics to develop the best strategy for helping our clients achieve their objectives. Rather than using the “one size fits all” approach, we committed to vetting out the best solutions, became certified and licensed with DiSC, Predictive Index, and

Predictive Index© does offers an EFPA-certified behavioral assessment and world class cognitive assessment, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Measurement is a means to an end and at PI, and their vision is: Better Work, Better World. As a PI certified Partner, we can deliver their scientifically-backed assessments, implement software that ranks candidates, provides management insights, and highlights opportunities within the organization, as well as train and deliver management workshops.

PerceptionPredict: Using human-centred data-driven AI models built on insights from your company’s human attributes and performance data, we accurately predict a team member’s expected future performance in whatever KPI that matters to you: Revenue sold, units sold, appointments booked before you hire them. We don’t replace your role in the hiring process, we simply help you make better-informed decisions.